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Building great products requires efficient collaboration between your brand and it's suppliers. We provide the essential fundamentals for storing and delivering accurate information to your team and anybody you work with.

Let Indigo8 store your designs, imagery, components such as fabrics and trims, specs, prices and much more in our beautiful interface that organises your information and lets you find things fast.


Selling is what it's all about, but lets face it, doing all the paperwork required is a pain and consolidating orders is time consuming. We eliminate that pain with features like our revolutionary and free Agent Connect system, or our free iPad app, or the ability to import from almost any system in the world.

Agent Connect is our new free platform for sending products to agents and receiving sales without needing to do anything. It works like magic, but really it's the internet.


Connectivity is everything, if you have it, you can dramatically reduce workloads, provide better communication to your customers and suppliers and build the foundation for growth.

We are the bridge between your business, and all the partners that you need to share electronic information with. If you sell through Agents, we do that with our Agent Connect program. If you use Quickbooks, Xero or MYOB, we integrate with them. If you use a third party warehouse, or JOOR, NuOrder or others; we integrate.


If you want your staff to have more time to concentrate on growing your business and less time doing administration, then this is the system you have been looking for. It will manage your day to day operations and grow with your company. Our pricing and packages are designed to meet the needs of the smallest brand to the largest.


  • Indigo8 Lite will hold all style information, build Sales Orders, generate Purchase Orders, warehouse stock and invoices


    Indigo8’s Lite fashion business system is perfect for small fashion businesses and wholesale companies alike. Indigo8 Lite will hold all of your style information, build Sales Orders, generate consolidated Purchase Orders for your suppliers, warehouse stock and invoicing of customers.

    Starting from as little as $129 per month, with Indigo8 Lite even the smallest fashion company can afford to get organised

  • Hold fabrics and trims. Grade styles. Generate costings and tech packs from a BoM. Enterprise can be made to meet your needs


    Our Enterprise fashion business system has everything the Lite system has and so much more…

    As your fashion company grows and changes, so will your system requirements. Hold fabrics and trims. Grade styles. Generate costings and tech packs from a Bill of Materials.

    As your fashion company will have it’s own specific needs, our Enterprise system has been designed to be customised to meet these specific needs, ensuring a software solution that will create many efficiencies within you business, saving you hundreds of hours a year.

  • The Agent iPad app has been crafted to enable Agents to show a collection in a way that makes it simple to create Sales Orders


    Our Agent App is a free sales tool for sales agents to receive products from any Indigo8 Enterprise or Lite system account.

    When Sales Agents are at an Expo or showing, they can use it to take orders in a beautiful yet efficient manner, that empowers both the agent and the customer via a clear, simple and visual interface.

    The Sales Orders are then sent automatically back to the brand, creating a seamless ordering network that we call AGENT CONNECT.

  • Pret-a-Pos is the first Point of Sale system that has been specifically designed for the fashion and apparel industry

    Pret-a Pos

    Pret-a-Pos is a leading point of sale system designed specifically for retail stores servicing the fashion and apparel industries.

    Giving you the ability to capture customer information, generate gift vouchers, run promos, mark as VIP and integrate with MailChimp and when you add stock, it will be with all colour and sizes by style, Pret-a-Pos has become the first choice for growing fashion labels.

    With no set-up fee, and only $135 per month, Pret-a-Pos may be the most affordable fashion retail software on the market!

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