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For PC, the software requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
For Apple, the software requires MAC OSX Version 10.9.5 or newer
For our Windows 7 users. Please note that Lite requires the .Net 4.5 framework to run. To upgrade your .net framework to 4.5 please click here

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Indigo8 Lite

The most affordable wholesale fashion software on the planet

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Indigo8 Lite is an affordable and very powerful solution for running your fashion business.

Its design takes the essential screens from our Enterprise platform and then simplifies them even further.

The result is a system that in many ways performs just as well as Enterprise at a fraction of the price.

It uses the same cloud technology for delivering our beautiful interface to Mac, PC and mobile apps and has all the functionality you need to run your fashion brand by storing products, sales, purchasing, a fully integrated warehouse and integration with all the same 3rd party Apps as the Enterprise system....

Lite System Features

Style Information

With it’s intuitive, visual display you will clearly see information for each Style - images, colours, sizes and prices by Style not by SKU.

Sales Orders

Using a very visual, quick and intuitive drag-and-drop process, you can build, import, search and report on all orders by style, collection, customer and more.


Invoice sales orders in part, in full, in bulk or one at a time, you can also easily to back-to-back invoices! Quickly assign back orders. Apply payments, either partial or full and manage customer statements, all from the one application.

Accounting Integration

Indigo8 Lite integrates with MYOB, Quick Books and has a full API with Xero, allowing you to export invoices and payments through to these popular bookkeeping systems.

Customer Information

Information on your customers is held centrally to enable easy updating, viewing and sharing across your entire company. When even allow three address areas, as well as a ‘Door’, so you can get everything to the right place.

Sales Order Allocation

What may currently take you many hours, with Indigo8 you can consolidate many styles across multiple Sales Orders into single Purchase Orders, in just minutes!

Purchase Orders

With the Indigo8 Lite system you are able to generate a .pdf of your Purchase Orders to easily fax (do people still do that?) or email off to the manufacturer - you can even consolidate the POs by a few options, making it easier still.


Following a logical flow, Indigo8 Lite will help you to manage the incoming and outgoing process of stock, all by Style.

PLM Software

If your business is larger, and needs more functionality than our Lite fashion business software, read about Sam and how the Indigo8 Enterprise system is helping her create even greater operational efficiencies, saving time and money, within the large fashion business she works at.

Helping you to run your fashion business… better

Indigo8’s Lite system has been created from the ground up to help growing fashion businesses get control of Stock, Purchase Orders, Warehousing, Inventory and the Sales process – be it through entering orders into the system, importing order sheets or getting them through from the iPad app, inputting your sales has never been easier!

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Integrations To Make Your Job Easier

Reduce data entry by sending style information directly to your website. Your website will always know your stock on hand and will build orders directly into your operational system.

Send invoices and payments to your accounting module and organise your retail business by integrating with the best Fashion Point of Sale System on the market.

  • Indigo8 integrates seamlessly with The Iconic enabling you to sell quickly and easily


  • No more creating styles within Shopify, now you can save time by uploading your styles direct from indigo8

    Big Commerce

  • Indigo8 integrates seamlessly with The Iconic enabling you to sell quickly and easily

    The Iconic

  • No more creating styles within Shopify, now you can save time by uploading your styles direct from indigo8


  • Xero

  • Woo Commerce

  • SPS Commerce


  • Klaviyo

  • Mailchimp

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