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Inventory Made Easy

A single solution for managing Wholesale, Online and Retail

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Warehouse Management System

Finally, a warehouse solution designed to solve the needs of fashion brands!

We started by rethinking the way inventory is presented. Instead of displaying inventory by SKU we display it by style and colour. WOW, This simple change makes searching, viewing and finding stock faster and more logical.

Then we turned our attention to the Dispatch tab, refining it for online and wholesale orders. Now, you can search, pick and pack and invoice from a single screen.

  • Scan arrive
  • Allocate received stock to wholesale orders
  • View current inventory levels across multiple locations
  • Create pick tickets, packing lists and invoices
  • Full stock take
  • Cycle counts

Indigo8 systems are built to save you time and money. Processes that may currently take days, will instead take seconds to complete.

See what’s going on in your business; all from a single screen.

Adding another warehouse? No problem. This solution is built for growing fashion brands.

A cloud based software system designed specifically to solve the warehousing needs of fashion brands
Sync all your online channels so when you sell stock from one location, that change is reflected across all

Multi-Website Integration

Do you run multiple web stores or integrate with 3rd party sellers such as THE ICONIC? Do you have problems syncing inventory across multiple channels?

Then look no further, we have the solution for you. Effortlessly sync all your online channels so that when you sell stock from one location, that change is reflected across all.

But wait there’s more.. All your sales from all your different stores come into our warehouse module. So that you can dispatch from a single solution.

This solution currently works with the following systems.

Retail Integration

Indigo8 customers who use our Point of Sale solution get the same benefits as those from our website integration module, but with greater detail. Styles will automatically appear in your Point of Sale system. Stock can be transferred to stores directly from the warehouse at cost price or wholesale. This is apparel inventory management as it should be.

A fashion focused software system providing inventory management you need running a fashion business

Intelligent Inventory Routing

Automatically fill and dispatch web orders from the best available location. The system uses information such as inventory levels and distance from the delivery point to dispatch apparel from the most appropriate warehouse or store.

Here is what they say about us

  • Nikita Sernack from Nookie

    "We use Indigo8 to run our wholesale business and our successful web store. Having everything in one system will change your business."

  • Lisa Maree Boersma from Lisa Maree

    "We needed a multi-currency solution to handle our world wide orders. This is it."

  • Jane Kidston from Three of Something

    "Our industry experience allowed us try many fashion software solutions. Indigo8 was the easy choice when we started our own label."

  • Jeremy Somers from We Are Handsome

    "It's just the best solution available! We run our eBoutique, track our world wide sales in multi-currency's and manage our agents from it."

  • Samantha Jones from Luxe Industries

    "We needed a system to help us get organised. Indigo8 was the only one we could fully understand."

  • Anthony Bittar from TCF Sourcing

    "Buying Indigo8 is an easy business decision, their system will run your entire operation, with excellent customer service at the right price"

  • Dean Flintoft from Australian Fashion Label

    "Indigo8 is the only provider we found that could combine our fast fashion development requirements with a powerful Invoicing and Inventory solution."

Inventory Management Solution for Fashion Brands

Running a growing fashion business is hard work! Managing your sales orders, purchase orders, arriving and dispatching of inventory takes hours and, in the past, has required a Harvard degree in Excel but not anymore! With Indigo8’s intuitive, visual interface you are now able to manage these apparel business necessities through the single system. When you add our integrations to this, things get even better. Find out more about our integration options here.


  • Indigo8 Lite will hold all style information, build Sales Orders, generate Purchase Orders, warehouse stock and invoices


    Indigo8’s Lite fashion business system is perfect for small fashion businesses and wholesale companies alike. Indigo8 Lite will hold all of your style information, build Sales Orders, generate consolidated Purchase Orders for your suppliers, warehouse stock and invoicing of customers.

    Starting from as little as $189 per month, with Indigo8 Lite even the smallest fashion company can afford to get organised

  • Hold fabrics and trims. Grade styles. Generate costings and tech packs from a BoM. Enterprise can be made to meet your needs


    Our Enterprise fashion business system has everything the Lite system has and so much more…

    As your fashion company grows and changes, so will your system requirements. Hold fabrics and trims. Grade styles. Generate costings and tech packs from a Bill of Materials.

    As your fashion company will have it’s own specific needs, our Enterprise system has been designed to be customised to meet these specific needs, ensuring a software solution that will create many efficiencies within you business, saving you hundreds of hours a year.

  • The Agent iPad app has been crafted to enable Agents to show a collection in a way that makes it simple to create Sales Orders


    Our Agent App is a sales tool for sales agents to receive products from any Indigo8 Enterprise system account.

    When Sales Agents are at an Expo or showing, they can use it to take orders in a beautiful yet efficient manner, that empowers both the agent and the customer via a clear, simple and visual interface.

    The Sales Orders are then sent automatically back to the brand, creating a seamless ordering network that we call AGENT CONNECT.

  • Pret-a-Pos is the first Point of Sale system that has been specifically designed for the fashion and apparel industry

    Pret-a Pos

    Pret-a-Pos is a leading point of sale system designed specifically for retail stores servicing the fashion and apparel industries.

    Giving you the ability to capture customer information, generate gift vouchers, run promos, mark as VIP and integrate with MailChimp and when you add stock, it will be with all colour and sizes by style, Pret-a-Pos has become the first choice for growing fashion labels.

    With no set-up fee, and only $135 per month, Pret-a-Pos may be the most affordable fashion retail software on the market!

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