Do you sell wholesale? Do you sell wholesale fashion? Do you sell wholesale clothing? Manage multi channel sales with Indigo8 lite’s intuitive interface.

Manage colors and sizes by style, enter sales orders one by one or import many at a time. Sell on ipad, or give your agents our unique order entry portal to enable them to build orders directly into your system in real time.


Cloud Warehousing Software


Cloud Warehousing Software

This is software for inventory management in the fashion industry.

Indigo8 lite provides a warehouse for fashion companies small to medium in size with a pure focus on styles that can be made in different colors across multiple sizes. If you sell fashion or clothing in any form this is wholesale inventory management software like you will never have seen before.

Indigo8 lite is not only inventory management software we also make allocating stock and generating invoices easy. In just a few clicks you can generate invoices 50 at a time. We enable Real-Time tracking of inventory and stock value in a modern interface built just for you. This is fashion industry software.