Scroll down and take the tour - watch how easy it is to get started and simplify your wholesale business with Indigo8 Lite

Getting Started

It only takes minutes to get started with Indigo8 Lite. Setup your company account, choose settings and add staff.

Build Styles

Indigo8 Lite becomes a single point of reference for all your style information.

Build your collections, add style numbers, descriptions, colours, size ranges and hold all prices from cost to sell and retail across multiple currencies if required.

Generate Sales Orders

Build Sales Orders one at a time or import from Sales Sheets.

Generate and email PDF Sales confirmations to customers and report on sales figures in real time.

Consolidate Purchase Orders to Suppliers

Consolidate Purchase Orders to suppliers in minutes. Order one style or many and Indigo8 Lite will build the order in pdf or excel.

Manage your Warehouse

Arrive PO's into one or more warehouses, allocate stock to orders and apply backorders if necessary.

View stock and generate inventory reports.

Invoice Orders

Generate pick tickets, packing lists and invoices for individual sales orders or in bulk.

So now that your wholesale business is organised...
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