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The world's best customisable product life cycle management system
for the fashion and apparel industry

Indigo8 Enterprise is an end to end solution, for companies that design, sample, make, warehouse and distribute.

Featuring full integration with the most popular web site tools, an amazingly powerful PoS and reporting tools, all designed to help you manage your business better.

Sales Forms
Direct Import
Fabric & Trims
Barcode Stock Management
Bulk Invoice Generation
POS Multi Store Contact Management
Design Elements
Pricing & Costing
Order Consolidation
Critical Path Management
Allocation to Orders
Full Web Integration
Product Development
Sales & Purchasing
Warehouse & Accounts
POS & Online
Create new styles, samples and costings with Indigo8 Enterprise
Fabric &
Trim Library
Make lists of fabrics and trims, to help you manage your components

Our Fabric & Trim Library is a revolutionary way to store all your components in a single location.

Use the beautiful, fast interface to create fully searchable lists. Quickly find items by price, supplier, colour and more. Order sample or bulk yardage right from the same screen.

Create and update styles in minutes

The moment you see our Enterprise Style Builder, you will understand the Indigo8 difference.

The Fabric and Trim library is built right into the screen, letting you rapidly find the fabric you need and applying it to your new creation with drag & drop ease.

As you do this, the system is automatically costing the style. It’s simple, fast and fun.

POM Spec
Build and grade specs

Welcome to the ultimate tool for managing your Points of Measurement specifications. You can:

  1. Apply templated specs to a style,
  2. Track version changes
  3. Apply grading rules
  4. Print inspection forms
  5. Allow suppliers to see the specs from the supplier access screen
Know where your samples are

Traditionally, Excel spreadsheets controlled by a single person, were used to track samples. Today, as companies grow, they need more structure in their operations and better integration and communications with their stakeholders. They need a much better solution. That solution is Indigo8 Enterprise.

Indigo8 Enterprise provides clarity and procedure to your sampling by knowing what has been ordered, where it is and how long it’s been there. Our system highlights issues and helps to reduce sample times.

Get Sales in fast and order your goods in minutes
Record and search wholesale orders

The centerpiece of the Indigo8 experience is the sales order screen. Creating orders is fast, simple and intuitive. With all the required information stored on a single form.

Users drag styles from the product search to the order and enter the qtys. The customer’s currency, pricing, discounts, tax and agent etc.. are assigned automatically. When you are done, you will activate the order and be presented with the option of directly emailing the order confirmation.

Sell from stock or from inventory that's being made

When adding products to a stock order Indigo8 knows their exact stock level and if three are any matching items on order. Giving you the choice of allocating current inventory or available stock that will be arriving in the near future.

IPad Sales
& Others
Auto pull orders from excel, door nu order. Or enter using our iPad

Take full advantage of your time by using the iPad app to enter new sales while in the show room or out of the office. The app reduces double entry and has an offline mode, so if you can keep on selling without an internet connection.

Combines all the sales for a style into a single line

The consolidation module is a customer favorite. It simply takes all the individual indent sales and combines them by style into a single line, or other variant. – Transforming a confusing job that once took hours or days into something that takes moments.

Critical Path
Track and Act on production

For every order there are things that need to be done. We display these tasks with CLARITY and SIMPLICITY. We use red to mark late items, green to mark completed tasks and blue to symbolize items that are on time.

Every task is like a blog, where people can add comments and attachments. Showing a fully history of what has transpired. Over the years we have found new ways of making these screens simple and easy. Not complicated and confusing.

View sample screen shot


Warehouseing Track stock

In 2007 we were asked to build a warehousing system specifically designed for apparel, so we did. Today it’s used to move millions of garments from factory’s to warehouses and then out to customers of every size and location.

Engineered around the garment industry, this is a fashion warehouse management system that is perfect for small to medium brands.

The best thing is that we do things in a way that makes sense to a fashion brand. We understand that a style has many colors and sizes, so we treat them as such. We understand that you don’t always get what you ordered and need to prioritise who gets what. We get it.

Invoicing Seamless invoicing saves time

It’s all about how quickly you can get it done. To get it done fast, we built our bulk invoicing feature directly into the warehouse delivery screen. The bulk invoicing feature can create up to 50 invoices at a time.

Once generated you can choose to print or email them directly to the customer with a click of a button.

If agent commissions need to be paid, these are calculated when the invoices are generated. And agent commissions can be paid upon invoice generation or when money is received.

Accounts Integrate with the best

Indigo8 Enterprise is not a full accounting system, instead we integrate with MYOB, XERO and RECKON.

We do produce invoices and we can also accept payments

Helps you track commissions

Agents are still the life blood of the wholesale fashion business. If an agent submitted the order, Indigo8 will calculate and track the amount of commission you need to pay them.

Web Stores

Our goal is to be the master point for managing all your online stores. We can create a store for you or you can attache Indigo8 Enterprise to any of the following;

  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. Big Commerce
  4. Iconic (coming soon)

This innovative approach lets you manage a large number of stores from a single solution. You can send styles and pricing updates, and when orders are received they are automatically created in Indigo8 so that your warehouse can send them out from a single solution instead of many.

Point of

For those of you with stores, we also have a Point of Sale solution that runs on PC or Ipad. Perfectly tailored for the fashion industry and very cheap to run.

meet SAM

Sam is a Sydney based fashion designer, running a successful clothing label with 8 staff in an industry that is highly competitive. She currently sells to over 100 Australian retail stores and work's with an LA agent who represents her label there

Sam's fashion supply chain management including products, customers, suppliers, prices, sales, purchase orders and inventory are all stored within Indigo8.

Her staff constantly use it to analyze information, answer internal and customer questions, search on order information, account inquiries and all other general items that are part of the product development life cycle. In other companies in this industry this information is typically stored in spreadsheets.

The following is the typical path that a collection will take as it moves through our Enterprise apparel plm software, we hope this will help you understand how Indigo8 technology works.

Product Design

Sam has just designed a new collection consisting of 60 new styles. She now wants to get them into her Indigo8 supply chain software so that she can order her samples and calculate her costs and prices.

Because Sam is extremely organized, she is using 12 fabrics and 25 trims across the entire collection; she places each fabric and trim onto a template before dragging the required items to their designated styles.

Sam then drags the artwork and images of the styles from her desktop onto the styles as well. Filling in any technical information, before finally applying the specs and size information.

Her product input is now complete. From here, Indigo8 Solutions provides Sam with technology that has literally transformed her fashion supply chain.


Sam's assistant order's the samples and tracks their progress using Indigo8 Solutions fashion supply chain software. It tells here which samples needs to be sent out, what is at the maker and the styles that have been sent back ready for quality checking and photo shoot.

Our apparel supply chain software provides technology to manage the entire process from a single screen within the system.


As samples arrive so will the factory FOB prices, Sam records the FOB prices in the system and then used it to calculate her other costs such as freight, insurance and forwarder fees. She can then use some simple tools to help her work out her margin, wholesale and retail prices.


When the samples arrive, Sam arranges her selling photos and uploads them into the Indigo8 SALES module.

Armed with pricing, description's and selling images, she uses this information in the following ways;


Soon after organising her sales, Sam arranges for the new range to be published to her integrated web site, she can do this with a single click of a button.


Her sales staff and agents can record sales in real time. Any sale recorded will feed directly into the main system, right from their IPAD.


For sales people without Ipads they can use the system generated excel sales forms. Which can be emailed out to anybody, filled in, returned and imported quickly and easily.


The new collection is selling like hot cakes, Sam has hundreds of orders flowing directly into her plm software system, which have been entered with minimum effort, there has been almost no double entry of information. Sam’s apparel supply chain has never been so organised.


Sam is getting the collection made with three different manufacturers. One local and the others in Asia. She wants to create three purchase orders and track the status of around 15 critical path tasks for each factory.

Her production manager uses Indigo8 to consolidate all those sales from hundreds of individual stores and buyers into just a few Purchase orders. Our system can perform this function that used to take the Production Manager days in just 20 minutes.

Purchase Order Management

The production manager uses our critical path feature to track lab dip approvals, and fabric purchases that they need to arrange and send to the factory.

The system allows her to create her own tasks and assign them to internal staff and track what is going on.

Delivery of the goods

Sam's products are shipped from the factory to both New York and Sydney for distribution which is managed internally.

The system allows for Sam to have an unlimited number of warehouses, so this is easy for her to track.

Her team then use Indigo8 to receive and check the goods, generate the final invoices and send her designs to the people that orders them. This is all seamless and each delivery is based on the original sales order.

Using modern solutions and innovative technology our product lifecycle management software provides order in an industry that is often swamped in data entry and confusion.

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