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Indigo8 works with leading Australian and New Zealand fashion labels to get their businesses running more effectively and efficiently, freeing up time to focus on what they are love most, bringing beautiful creations to life.

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About Nookie

Nookie is an upcoming fashion label that was founded in Sydney, Australia.

While fashion designer, and Label Nookie founder, Nikita Sernack, created a luxurious new women’s range, it was her innate understanding that she needed an enthusiastic group of brand evangelists to truly get her label’s reach worldwide. To enable this to happen, Sernack empowered a core group of women by creating a carefully curated identity people could join in with, the Nookie Girl.

Since launching in 2006, Sernack has built up Nookie to be a $4 million business with the likes of Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande and many Victoria Secret’s models as very high-profile lovers of the label. And with having a growing A-List of celebrities onboard, exposure grows right along with it.

As Sernack has said many times, she loves to empower women and the results are showing! With over 300k followers on Instragram @Nookie more and more women are connecting to this growing brand every day.

So how does a flourishing fashion company keep on top of the intricacies of building tech packs, costing of items, the management of inventory flow as well as synching stock with a website at the click of a button? Nookie has selected Indigo8 to manage these vital areas. This decision means they can continue to focus on growing this wonderful Australian fashion label around the world.

I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing what gorgeous items their next season’s designs bring us from Nookie and having more women feeling great while they are out and about enjoying the sun and surf. By having the great back-end management system of Indigo8 in place, we can rest easy knowing that the team at Nookie’s energy will be getting put in the right places!

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