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About BNKR

As the bricks and mortar face of Australian Fashion Labels, BNKR offers consumers a wonderful stable of brands which includes C/MEO Collective, Finders Keepers, Keepsake, The Fifth Label and Jaggar shoes. Originating from Adelaide, and founded by fashion power-couple Melanie and Dean Flintoft, in 2007 the brand has attracted a dedicated local and international following.

So what is behind the success of BNKR and the AFL brand? While there is no doubt the complementary labels built area huge part of the AFL success, the founders vision to buck-the-norm of a two or four season collection cycle, and go with a monthly release of new styles certainly has to have played a huge part.

While there feels to be a natural fit with the enormity of so many releases, the BNKR founders say that it was largely created due to necessity, born by Zara and the expectations the Spanish Goliath has created in the minds of devoted fashion followers around the globe to expect to see something new every time they go into a store. While many people have decried the change we are experiencing to ‘fast fashion’, there is no doubt that fashion consumers are loving it; shown by the success of BNKR and its sister labels at AFL.

Of course, running 100 new styles, 11 months a year, is a taxing process to have to undertake each month. Fortunately for BNKR, and Australian Fashion Labels, they have implemented Indigo8’s Enterprise system to manage everything from Samples, Tech packs, BOM’s and more, making sure they can stay on top of what is where and when. When you add in the integrated Point of Sale system, BNKR has a complete system that will let staff members, up to the Board, get a wholistic view of the business at any point, enabling them to make correct decisions based on business insights pulled from the great resource that Indigo8 supplies.

With such frequent collections Dean says the manufacturing processes have had to change as the business has grown.

“We now have a full-time team in China and a fittings team in Adelaide, most of our product is made in China, a little in Adelaide, and some leather pieces are out of Indonesia,” he says.

Look for a BNKR store to open near you soon.

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