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About Assembly Label

With a prophecy “to construct simplified clothing and lifestyle pieces for the everyday needs and desires of an audience who appreciate purposeful, well made products intended for relaxed coastal living…” Assembly Label has etched out a solid base of repeat shoppers, and with a range that covers underwear to jeans and bags to shoes, they have something to make sure you can step out of a store feeling very comfortable and VERY stylish!

Due to the fashion background of founders Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver being in men’s fashion, Assembly Label started out the same way in 2011, but all of that changed in 2014 with the launch of their inaugural women’s line in the streets of Sydney’s fashionable Darlinghurst.

As a growing, innovative Australian fashion label, Assembly Label is looking to continue it’s upward growth chart and went looking for a back-end system provider to work with on helping them keep on top of a fast-moving, growing range of garments and products.

And what do staff at Assembly Label think of their experiences with Indigo8 to date, here are some words from their Ecommerce manager, Harry K…

“Thank you for all of the time and effort that you offering with our integration. It is highly appreciated! Indigo8 is going to launch our business into a new era of efficiencies that we could only dream of in the past.”

I am sure we are going to see more gorgeous wearables, not to mention their Manchester and personal grooming ranges, into the future from Assembly Label.

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