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Build your custom website or integrate with one of our APIs

We seamlessly integrate with

  • Magento
  • Big Commerce
  • The Iconic
  • Shopify
  • Indigo8 Solutions

Some labels that integrate with us


Manage your products with ease. We dramatically reduce your data entry by sharing product information across multiple platforms. Why use a system that forces you to have multiple platforms running, at all times, so you can import and export style, sales orders, invoices etc all around the place? With Indigo8 you can manage the vast majority of your back-end needs from the one central location.


Our website integration enables you to manage your whole business within a single interface. Not only do you stay within the single interface, Indigo8 makes getting your style, and related information, up to Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento in a manner that is quicker and easier than you would experience if trying to get this information into the online platforms directly.


To ensure your staff always have up-to-date inventory information, and your customers, whether on your website or looking in a store, are seeing only available items we keep your inventory up to date with automatic stock reductions and live inventory display through your e-boutique. No ringing around to check on stock quantities, no matter how you sell we will have you covered!


Our unique visual interface enables you to merchandise your e-boutique and manage style information more effectively than with any other system. Once you have filled out the style information in Indigo 8 Lite or Indigo8 Enterprise, all of this information will be uploaded to your online shop, along with style photos and stock levels, at the click of a button.


  • Lite

    Perfect for small Fashion or Wholesale companies. Indigo8 Lite will hold all style information, build Sales Orders, generate Purchase Orders to your suppliers, warehouse stock and invoice customers.

    Starting from as little as $129 per month, with Indigo8 Lite even the smallest fashion company can afford to get organised

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise has everything in the Lite system + much more...

    As your company grows and changes, so do your system requirements. Hold fabrics and trims. Grade styles. Generate costings and tech packs from a Bill of Materials. Enterprise can be customised to meet all of your specific needs.

  • Agent

    Agent is a free application for receiving products from any Enterprise or Lite account.

    Agents can use it, or the free integrated iPad app to take orders.

    Orders are then sent automatically back to the brand, creating a seamless ordering network that we call AGENT CONNECT.

  • Pret-a Pos

    Pret-a-Pos is the first Point of Sale system that has been specifically designed for the fashion and apparel industry.

    With no setup fee and only $135 per month, Pret-a Pos may also be the most affordable retail software on the market

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